Crazy Time History and Tracksino Tips

crazy time history

All fans of live casino games know that one of the most fascinating games to play is the Evolution Gaming-powered Crazy Time. The beauty of this game largely emanates from two factors. First, the game is pretty straightforward. All that’s required from players is to wager on any of the game’s segments and the resultant wheel spin will determine if the player wins or not. Second, the game is highly enterprising. Nothing demonstrates this better than the mere fact that Evolution Gaming states that the odds of triggering a bonus round when playing Crazy Time is 1 in 6!

Though pretty straightforward and highly enterprising, Bangladeshi players ought to note that they can employ the services of a unique tech-buddy that enhances their chances of winning big. This tech-buddy goes by the name Tracksino and in this article, we are going to review what it can do for you and how you can take advantage of it. Before that however, here is a quick rundown of what the game of Crazy Time entails and how newbies can start playing it.

Crazy Time History

Crazy Time is one of Evolution Gaming’s flagship games. Enjoyed by millions from all around the globe, Crazy Time has managed to win the hearts of many. According to the game developer, Crazy Time is a ‘unique live online game show’ that is premised on the ‘money wheel concept’.

The Crazy Time wheel is divided into 54 segments. Owing to this, it means that theoretically, each segment has a 1.85% chance of winning suppose the player bets on any one segment. The game has endeared itself with multitudes of players largely owing to the inclusion of bonus games (rounds) and interactive elements (tools).

When playing the game, players aren’t restricted to the number of wagers they place at a time. This, therefore, means they can wager on both the standard multipliers as well as the bonus games. During the main game, the Top Slot spins together with the money wheel. After the spin, the Top Slot will produce a random multiplier for a random betting position be it a bonus game or number. In the event of the multiplier and the bet spot aligning horizontally in the Top Slot, the multiplier is added to the bet spot.

The four bonus games that players may trigger and win when playing Tracksino Crazy Time include:

  • Cash Hunt Bonus Game: 108 random multipliers are hidden under random symbols and are shuffled. The player is tasked with aiming and hitting any one of these for the chance to win the hidden multiplier value.
  • Coin Flip Bonus Game: A two-sided coin is flipped and the side that’s facing up when the coin lands wins.
  • Pachinko Bonus Game: The host drops a puck and the physical peg it lands on determines the multiplier the player wins. Players can win up to 10,000x multiplier during this bonus game.
  • Crazy Time Bonus Game: Players enter into a virtual world where loads of fun is guaranteed. Each player picks a flapper (either yellow, green or blue) before the game starts. The host then spins the money wheel and once it comes to a halt, players win the multiplier where the flapper points. Players stand a chance of winning up to 20,000x multiplier.

Tracksino Crazy Time

All Crazy Time players ought to note that they have a tech-buddy which they can befriend before they start a new gaming session. This buddy going by the name Tracksino does a brilliant job of aggregating all possible statistical records of Crazy Time live gaming events. It’s against this background that this buddy is also referred to as the Crazy Time live tracker.

Once it aggregates the game stats, Tracksino then presents them in an easy-to-understand manner on its platform. This enables all players including newbies to the game to check the recent best multiplier won, spin history, payouts earned and top spinners of the slot.

What Tracksino essentially does therefore is to eliminate the need to rely on mother luck when playing Crazy Time. Players rather are given the room to properly plan using real data on how they are going to approach gameplay strategy on their next Crazy Time gaming session. Well, there is just so much more to love when it comes to Tracksino hence below, we are going to highlight all the great attributes of this tech-buddy.

  • Tracksino can be accessed on both desktop and mobile platforms. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home or on the go, you can use any device of your choice to find real data
  • Even more impressive is that there aren’t any tools that you need to download to start tracking the Tracksino Crazy Time data. Simply open your web browser, search for the official Tracksino site and get all the data you need
  • Over and above, there isn’t any fee you pay to access the Tracksino data. Whether direct or hidden fees, you pay absolutely nothing! Simply access the Tracksino platform and all the data you need is presented to you freely.
সক্রিয় জুয়া খেলার ঘর ৫০% স্বাগতম বোনাস
সক্রিয় জুয়া খেলার ঘর ৫০% স্বাগতম বোনাস

আপনার বাজিগুলির জন্য বড় আমানত রাখবেন তখন ৳13,000 পর্যন্ত ১০০% বোনাস পান!

স্লট ১০০% স্বাগতম বোনাস
স্লট ১০০% স্বাগতম বোনাস

পর্যন্ত বোনাস পান ৳18,000