Uno Reverse Card

Card games have always been a big part of traditional and online casinos. You simply cannot imagine a casino without popular card games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. However, this popularity is not just restricted to the standard 52-card deck.

Throughout the years, many card-based casual games have popped up that have become significantly popular. However, none can surpass the familiarity and success enjoyed by UNO. In this article, we will take a look at the Uno Reverse Card and its significance in the game and popular culture.

UNO: Brief History

Uno is a card-based game with simple mechanics involving colours, numbers, and special action symbols. The game is said to have been created by Merle Robbins, a barber from Ohio, USA, who was looking for a simple game to pass the time between haircuts.

Many experts believe that Merle based the rules of UNO on another famous card game called Crazy Eights. Initially, the Uno cards were handcrafted by the Robbins family until 1972, when they officially licensed them to International Games Inc.

The simple gameplay rules and their suitability for almost all age groups made Uno an instant hit. It became a game that kids and adults would enjoy for hours on end, especially at family get-togethers and social gatherings.

In 1991, popular toy and boardgame manufacturer Mattel acquired the rights to Uno from the Robbins family. Since then, Uno has become a global smash hit, with Mattel adopting the game in various languages.

Today, there are multiple variations of the classic Uno game, like Uno Spin, Uno Dare, and Uno Attack. Mattle has also come up with an online and mobile version of Uno that can be played by people on digital devices.

Uno Gameplay

Shuffling cards

The simple yet unpredictable gameplay of Uno is what makes it so popular among players. The standard Uno deck consists of a total of 108 cards, which are divided into four different colours: red, green, blue, and yellow. Think of it like suits; all the colours consist of numbered cards starting from 0 to 9.

Additionally, an Uno deck also includes action cards like skip, draw two, Uno reverse cards, and wild cards. The dealer must shuffle the deck and distribute seven cards to each player. The remaining cards are to be put face down; this is the draw pile. The winner of the game is the one who manages to finish the cards in their hand.

To begin the game, the dealer places the top card from the draw pile, and the player to their left must put a card that matches either the colour, number, or action of the card. 

If the player does not have any cards that match these options, they can put up the wild cards and change the colour for the round to their preference. Or, if they do not have any wild card, they must pick the top card from the draw pile. If the drawn card is valid, the player can put it; otherwise, they must past the chance, and the game moves ahead.

Action Cards 

These cards are different from the regular-numbered cards and, when played, cause certain actions in the game.

  • Skip: When played, the next player must misa their turn.
  • Draw Two: It makes the next player to draw two cards from the draw pile and skip their turn.
  • Reverse: The Uno reverse card flips the direction of the play. Meaning if the game was being played in a clockwise direction, then it changes to anti-clockwise and vice versa.
  • Regular Wild: The player who plays the wild card gets to choose the colour for the game.
  • Wild Draw Four: The wild draw four card, when played, cause the next player to draw four cards from the draw pile and skip their turn. The player who played the card must also choose the colour of the game.

Players must shout out UNO while they play their second last card; failing to do so will lead to a two-card draw penalty. The player who plays all the cards first wins the game.

Many players have come up with different versions of Uno card games with slight tweaks and modifications to the original game. Some of these include Elimination Uno, Speed Uno, French Uno, Pirate Uno, etc. This only goes to show how simple and customisable the original game is in the first place.

Uno Reverse Card in Pop Culture

With the popularity of Uno, there have been many pop culture references related to the game. However, the one that is the most popular is the Uno reverse card meme.

The internet meme involves the uno reverse card, which is mostly used to signify karmic justice or a reversal of a statement, insult, challenge, etc.

According to Urban Dictionary, the Uno reverse card is an updated ‘NO U’ meme. For example, you can turn the tables on your opponent by simply mentioning the Uno reverse card. There have been multiple versions of these memes created on the internet in different contexts and creativity of people.

Typically, this meme is signified by an actual picture of the original Uno reverse card. The text section of the image might have ‘UNO reverse card’ or ‘NO U’ printed on it. It is mostly used by people on the internet to add some tongue-in-cheek fun to their interactions.

Some examples of the Uno Reverse Card meme:

  • Person A: You cannot beat me at this game.
  • Person B: Presents an Uno reverse card, NO U
  • Person A: You never share anything with me.
  • Person B: Uno reverse card: You never share anything with me.
  • Person A: Your jokes are the worst.
  • Person B: Presents the ‘Uno Reverse Card’ No, your jokes are the worst.

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