10 Greatest Cricketers in Bangladesh

10 greatest cricketers in bangladesh
10 Greatest Cricketers in Bangladesh

About 30 years ago, Bangladesh began its journey into international cricket just like its counterparts in Asia. Although, they encountered a few hiccups at the beginning as they became popular for all the wrong reasons on the international level. It was after about five years and 35 test matches that they could get a win after obtaining Test status. This slow growth was criticized by many experts. They didn’t achieve any spectacular record until after a couple of years when they started to thrash even more experienced teams. However, after the 2015 World cup, they became addicted to thrashing more experienced teams and producing extraordinary performances. However, excellent players have sprung up from these amazing teams over the years. So in this article, we will review ten of the most exceptional players that have graced the Bangladesh Cricket team over the years. To learn more about the history of Bangladesh cricket, read more information at Babu88.

10. Akram Khan

Akram Khan is no 10 on our list. Although, most experts and analysts might not be impressed with his 1,235 runs at the professional stage, he is undoubtedly among the most impressive players in Bangladesh cricket. Akram Khan played a significant role in helping Bangladesh clinch a couple of trophies such as the ICC Trophy from rival teams as well as the ODI and Test status. He played regularly for Bangladesh during the 90s and was popularly known throughout the country. Akram Khan captained the team to new and notable achievements such as helping the team become a prominent ICC member.

9. Aminul Islam

Aminul Islam is also another top player in the Bangladesh Cricket team when the team just started to become recognized as an ICC member. He captained the team to a remarkable victory against the prestigious Pakistan team during the group stage of the 1999 World Cup. Aminul was very reliable, especially as a middle-order batsman for the team whenever he plays. He broke a new record by scoring the first test hundred against India during their inaugural test. He amassed about 1,324 runs in ODIs and Test and was known as a cricket legend in Bangladesh before he retired.

8. Mohammad Ashratul

Some cricketers become legends and leaders before losing their position. A popular player that fits this description is Hansie Cronje. The Cronje of the Bangladesh team is Mohammad Ashratul. He played his first game as a teenager and began to make giant strides by scoring a Test hundred, the youngest batsman to achieve this. He wrote his name on the hearts of many by causing the highest upset in ODI after defeating the Australians for many years. However, he shocked many of his fans when they learned of his match-fixing escapades. Although, he is still among the best batsmen to ever play for Bangladesh with an amazing record of scoring in over 6,000 runs and 9 international hundred.

7. Mohammad Rafique

Mohammad Rafique is among the prominent players in the starting XI in both ODIs and Test Matches and undoubtedly among one of the best spinners that played for Bangladesh at the time. He spins excellently with his left arms and is always ready to tackle even any world-best batsman. He also played as a batsman and scored a Test Match hundred against the West Indies battling in Bangladesh’s first win against Kenya at no 77 and 9. Rafique was popularly known as the first player in Bangladesh to achieve 125 wickets in ODI and 100 wickets in Test cricket. He achieved over 2,000 runs at the professional level and was very reliable as a batsman down the order.

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6 Mushfiqur Rahim

Rahim played his first Test match for Bangladesh at age 16 in England. Although, he was later injured in the first game, he showed his creativity with the bat and efficient hand during practice matches. His leadership qualities earned him the captaincy of the team at age 24 after displaying himself as a strong wicketkeeper and middle-order batsman in ODIs and Test Matches. This made him the most successful wicketkeeper in the Bangladesh team and still has an unbreakable record of scoring the first double hundred. He still holds an impressive career at 30 after scoring more than 8,000 runs with 900 and has done over 300 dismissals behind the slumps.

5. Habibul Bashar

Although Habibul Bashir did not begin with an impressive record owing to the unimpressive start of the team at the international level. However, the number of runs scored by Bashar in his career was exceptional. He was a ferocious middle-order batsman that can play against a professional campaigner with one end. He became popularly known as “Mr. Fifty” due to his numerous half-centuries. He also has the best range of strokes than his peers which separated him from his teammates as he could ferociously play the pull and hook against event the quickest bowlers, a feat uncommon in the team. He has an outstanding record of scoring the first Test half-century by a batsman and completed over 5,000 international runs and about three tons to his name.

4. Abdur Razzak

Left-arm spinners who have always worried a lot of batsmen in the world can always be found in the Bangladeshi team and Abdur Razzak is one with a teasing length and line. He is very tall with long arms ready which made him an amazing spinner that can attack any batsman with flight and loop. Razzak does not fear the stature of anyone as he is ready to engage any batsman at the other end. This is usually a unique occurrence as majority of spin bowlers would rather contain the batsman than engage them. Even though he doesn’t have a prolific Test career, his ODI bowling career was outstanding scoring 207 wickets at an average of 20.29.

3. Mashrafe Mortaza

Mashrafe Mortaza is the first reliable and fast bowler for the Bangladesh team. He was able to win the hearts of many due to his quick bowling ability irrespective of the condition of the wicket. This ability helped him establish an amazing start to his career and helped put the team at a prominent level as they started thrashing more experienced teams on the international stage. He was trained by Andy Roberts at the start of his career to become one of the fast bowlers in the business. Although he was out mostly because of injuries, he always manages to keep to be in top form. With a record of over 350 wickets throughout three game formats, he is among the most successful and remarkable bowlers that have played in the Bangladesh team.

2. Tamim Iqbal

So far, this man is the most outstanding batsman to have ever played for the Bangladesh team. He was outstanding based on not only the runs he scores but also the method by which he engages the bowlers of the opposition. Watching him take shots from either side of the wicket is usually an amazing sight. The success of his career came through his explosive innings played upfront even when his team was still considered small. He has a record of achieving the first 10,000 runs as a batsman and scored 18 international hundreds. Currently, he still dominates bowlers and the most revered opening batsmen.

1. Shakib Al Hasan

Hasan is a remarkable player that performs excellently at all positions. He is recognized by world cricket as the best player to ever play for Bangladesh. He has an excellent bowling record with outstanding contributions when playing in the middle order with the bat. In the history of Bangladesh, he has taken the highest number of wickets with over 470 wickets on the international stage and is the second-highest scorer for runs in ODIs and Test. He is among the best performers in the Bangladesh team and has helped them achieve unbelievable success. Shakib is successful both on the field and off-field and this makes him stand out from his teammates. He is also one of the most valuable player of the T20 league and there is undoubtedly more to be expected from him.

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