Funky Time Review 2023 Bangladesh

funky time review bangladesh

Some years ago, Evolution Gaming created Crazy Time. This game quickly rose to prominence as the most famous live game show. Now Evolution Gaming has released a new game, called Funky Time. The popularity of this game show is still in doubt. However, it could surpass that of Crazy Time.

What is Funky Time?

Funky Time is classified as a real dealer game. It’s a live casino game with a lovely 1970s vibe. The casino game show has amazing bonus games and high rewards.

Evolution Gaming has proved to be technologically inventive. A game like Crazy Time is enjoyed on a big, colored spin featuring multiple squares. On the other hand, Funky Time’s wheel is the DigiWheel. The Funky Time wheel comes with four bonus games. They include BAR, Disco, Stayin’ Alive, and VIP Disco.

How to Start Playing Funky Time

To start Funky Time, all gamers must make their bets first. Next, the dealer will spin the DigiWheel, to start the game show. The DigiWheel will rotate till the flap rests on one segment.

If the flap rests on a segment that you put a bet on, you’ll receive your prizes. However, the segments come with different prizes. Therefore, you will get the specific prizes of that segment (where your flap stopped).

Funky Time Interface

Funky Time is conducted by dealers from a live casino. Its surrounding is stunning. The primary game features a big DigiWheel. It offers bonus games in the background, similar to Crazy Time. You’ll access the bonus games by spinning one game on the DigWheel.

The plus side of a live game is that you’ll converse with other gamers. Also, you’ll connect with the dealer via the live chat feature. The professionals usually get excited, making Funky Time more interesting.

Funky Time is playable on both PC and mobile platforms. Making bets is quick and simple. Just place the chips into the selections you wish to stake on. The chips value usually increases, allowing you to manage your gaming budget.

Sometimes gamers desire to review the previous bets they placed. If this is you, just hit the round arrow icon.

Finally, in Funky Time you can make bets on all letters. Furthermore, you can make bets on all four bonus games available.

How to Play Funky Time

Funky Time is a hilarious live casino game. The steps for playing this wonderful Evolution game are as follows.

Find A Casino That Has Funky Time

Look for a live casino that has Funky Time. Create an account and sign in. Once you’ve signed in, on the games, locate, and launch Funky Time. A studio and betting choices will appear.

Make A Bet

At Funky Time, you will find up to 17 betting opportunities. There’re only eight options in Crazy Time, thus Funky Time offers 9 more. Select the chip you wish to stake with. Now place your bets on the betting choices you choose to use.

The Digiwheel Begins Spinning

After the bets have been put, the game begins. The dealer will turn the DigiWheel to begin the game show. While rotating, a disco ball sets a random multiplier on the DigiWheel.

The Digiwheel Comes to the Rest

When the DigiWheel comes to rest, you’ll get the results of this session. You are lucky when the DigiWheel comes to rest on the segment you placed a bet. This might result in an immediate reward. However, should the DigiWheel rest on a bonus game, you’ll be forwarded to it.

Funky Time Bonus Games

Once you begin enjoying Funky Time, you’ll get an opportunity to win any fantastic bonus game available. These games provide you with an excellent opportunity to win spectacular rewards. Now, let’s look at Funky Time bonus games available.

BAR Bonus Game

funky time bar bonus

When you conclude on the BAR box, you’ll be sent to a real bar. An automated barman is ready to serve you a drink. Pick a color ahead of time. The automated barman then pours three drinks.

The drinks are packed with multipliers. Also, the color you pick is associated with a beverage. Lastly, the multiplier associated with it represents your prize from this bonus session.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus Game

funky time stayin alive

Stayin’ Alive is a game that you can enjoy with other individuals. The aim is to remain alive for a long by extending the meters significantly.  Select a color ball ahead of time and it’s the meter that you’ll engage in with. The meter usually grows by multipliers. Additionally, the color you select determines your bonus session prizes.

Disco Bonus Game

funky time disco

It’s now time to get up and dance. You visualize yourself in the disco on a lit dance stage. You and the dealer visit this location in quest of multipliers. The spinning wheel makes the dealer dance on the stage.

The spinning wheel controls the dealer’s dancing movements. It will keep on spinning till the dealer exits the stage. All of the multipliers you’ve accumulated thus far are your wins.

VIP Disco Bonus Game

This bonus game is quite similar to Disco. However, you will be playing with bigger multipliers. As a result, you’ll have a greater probability of winning larger rewards.

The dealer enters the stage and dances again. He accumulates many multipliers to grant you a big prize at the end of the session.

Final Thoughts 

Funky Time is an exciting game that features an easy-to-learn style. It has a variety of betting possibilities as well as interesting bonus games. With its greater odds, it’s no surprise that Funky Time is already an enthusiast favorite.

Whether you’re an experienced or novice gamer, Funky Time is a fun game to enjoy. Generally, Funky Time is a must-try for everyone searching for a thrilling gaming adventure.


What exactly is Funky Time Live?

Funky Time Live is an Evolution-powered live casino gaming program. It is, without a doubt, the finest game show ever produced. It’s a lot of excitement to participate in this game show.

How much can I earn playing Funky Time?

The highest amount you can win at Funky Time is €500,000.

Can I enjoy the Funky Time game on an iOS device?

Yes, Funky Time is playable on both PC and mobile devices.

Who created the Funky Time game?

Funky Time is a game show created by Evolution Gaming.

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