Baji999 Affiliate Login

Baji999 Affiliate Login

Baji999 is undoubtedly the most popular online gambling platform. This reputation didn’t just come out of the blue. Rather, it came about as a result of the incredible work that Baji999 has been doing since its inception. Among these is of course the provision of world-class online gambling products. The offered products cater to the needs of both sports punters as well as casino players.

Each of the gambling products offered by Baji999 comes with highly competitive odds. Thanks to this, players can expect some handsome payouts and rewards from their gambling adventures whether it’s placing sports bets, playing table games, live casino games, online slots, arcade games, fishing games or the lottery.

What’s even more impressive about Baji999 however is that players can get lifetime rewards. Yes, you heard that right. Lifetime rewards. To get the lifetime rewards, players simply need to join the Baji999 affiliate program. Below we are going to briefly outline what the affiliate program entails and how you can access your Baji999 affiliate account.

Brief Overview of the Baji999 Affiliate Program

The Baji999 affiliate program is a program which enables any registered Baji999 players to set up an additional affiliate account. Players can easily find the affiliate tab on the main screen which enables them to register an affiliate account.

Once an affiliate account is up, players are required to register some players under their affiliate name. Each time the registered player makes a deposit or wins, a portion of that amount is channelled towards the owner of the affiliate account. The rewards awarded are for a lifetime. The essence therefore with the affiliate program is to register as many players as possible so that the portions of their deposits and wins once accumulated will come as a substantial lifetime reward.

Players need to note that there isn’t any restriction to the participating/qualifying games when it comes to the affiliate program. Any gambling product that players engage in, for as long as players win, will contribute a percentage portion to the affiliate account owner as a lifetime reward.

How to Access the Baji999 Affiliate Account

Players ought to note that once they have set up their affiliate account, everything they would like to do from managing all the player accounts under their account to calculating all the affiliate payouts and initiating cash outs, they need to access their affiliate accounts first. This is only possible when players undertake the Baji999 Affiliate login process. The step-by-step guide to undertaking this process is illustrated below:

  • The first step is to head over to the official Baji999 website and look for the ‘Affiliate’ tab on the menu bar. Alternatively, players may just use the direct link to the login page using this link Note that this can be done on web browsers whether it’s the desktop or mobile as the Baji999 website is compatible with mobile devices both those running on Android and those running on iOS 
  • When the login page pops up, players need to input their username and password. Note that on this login page players also do have the chance to choose a different language if they so wish
  • Once done, simply click the Sign In button to access your Baji999 affiliate account.

*Another great thing to note is that when players lose any of the sign-in credentials (username or password), they can simply reset them by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ button on the Baji999 affiliate login page.

Rounding up, the Baji999 affiliate program is quite a great program as it allows players to earn their fair share of Baji999’s revenue. As an affiliate member, players stand a chance of winning lifetime rewards.

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