Bangladesh Cricketing History

Bangladesh cricketing history
Bangladesh Cricketing History

Bangladesh’s cricket team is more popularly known as “The Tigers”. Bangladesh is an all-format cricket team. It gained its test status very late compared to other big cricketing. Bangladesh cricket team gained its test status in the year 2000, on 26th of June. Bangladesh played its first-ever ODI tournament in ‘Asia Cup’. It was 31st March 1986, when Bangladesh played against Pakistan. For them, it was a historic feat as it was the first time, they were playing the ‘Asia Cup’.

Bangladesh was more famous for its football. The game was more popular when compared with any other game. However, when the 1990s came cricket became the most famous game in all of Bangladesh.

ICC Participation

Bangladesh was not allowed to be a part of any ICC tournaments because they did not come upon any merits. They had to play qualifier rounds in order to be a part of any major ICC tournament. In 1997 Bangladesh qualified for the ICC ODI men’s cricket world cup for the first time ever. To do that, they had to win the qualifiers held in Malaysia. So, when the world cup happened in 1999 Bangladesh was a part of it.

In the 1999 world cup, Bangladesh did something that no one was expecting them to do, they pulled an upset. Bangladesh beat Pakistan! This sent shockwaves in the cricketing world and since then everyone has had their eyes on their team. They then beat Scotland in the same ICC tournament as well.

Well, not all their history has been colorful. They have faced a lot of dark days as well. They are a team that holds one of the most impressive (if you can say that) records. They lost 21 test matches consecutively for 2 whole years ranging from 2000-2002 and 23 ODIs as well for 3 years 2001-2004. Even though Bangladesh did get their Full Member Status in 1999, they did not win any game in ODIs till 2004. Bangladesh finally defeated Zimbabwe, funnily enough, Zimbabwe was also the first test victim of Bangladesh in 2005. It was 2005 when Bangladesh won its first-ever test series.

First Test Victories For The Tigers

Bangladesh had never won any test series, in 2009 The Tigers traveled all the way to West Indies to play two test matches. Amazingly they won both the matches and won their first-ever test series. But funnily enough after five years when Bangladesh went to West Indies again for a two-match test series, West Indies defeated Bangladesh in both matches and claimed revenge on them. Fast forward to this day, Bangladesh has participated in a total of 128 test matches and won only 16. As they were relatively a newer cricketing country, they could not secure victory earlier in their season. However, now they have won against big teams like England, Australia, and New Zealand. They have also drawn against other big cricketing nations like Pakistan, India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

 As for their ODI record, they have played a total of 399 matches and won 141 out of those. I agree that the total number of matches won is not that great. Bangladesh has considerable a good record when compared to their own test match record. This shows that they still have a long way to go in the 5-day format while they are okay-ish in the one-day matches. Looking at their T20 record Bangladesh has won a total of 44 matches out of a possible 125. Compare to now, you may check out our cricket live score to keep track your betting.

Coming From Zero To A Cricket Powerhouse

Overall, they have exponentially improved their win-loss ratio against big cricketing nations. They have fared well in the recent ICC tournaments as well. They have secured the runner-up position a total of 3 times in the Asia Cup that is held every two years. They also have one of their first tri-series in which Ireland was involved as well. Bangladesh has risen up against all odds that were stacked against them. They have now positioned themselves at number 9 in both tests and T20 rankings as stated by ICC itself. Their ODI position is much better. They are standing at 7th position. This again comes to show how far Bangladesh has come from where it started.

Bangladesh’s Cricket Superstars

Bangladesh has fared really well against big teams in recent years, one of their most famous players, Shakib-Ul-Hassan is an absolute favorite of the entire nation of Bangladesh. He has also been voted as the best all-rounder there is. His performances speak for themselves. They also had other players like Mushfiqur Rahim and Mustiafizur Rehman. Both players have also risen the identity of Bangladesh cricket. Mashrafe Mortaza was also one of the captains that did really well for Bangladesh he was the named captain against their series VS West Indies. This was the series after which people started to take Bangladesh as a good cricketing nation. Defeating West Indies in test matches and that too at their home ground was something of a boost for Bangladesh as a whole. Mahrafe Mortaza and Tamim Iqbal were the two-star batters in that series. Tamim Iqbal made a match-winning century which helped Bangladesh win. On the bowling side, Mahmudullah was amazing. He took 8 wickets in total. Disrupting the entire batting lineup of West Indies. He did not give away runs and with that, he took wickets as well.

Even in the IPL Bangladesh’s players have taken part and they have been sold at really high prices for several INR crores. This just comes to the point that they have been fairly gaining experience and working together to perform a better performance. These players have performed exceptionally well. Besides that, if you can read more about South Africa Cricket World Cup 2022 before we end the related article here.


From a nation that absolutely adored football at first, becoming a country that tries to get in this sport of cricket. With nothing but losses their way, all odds stacked against them, no ICC tournaments. Now stand at 7th position in ODIs and 9th position in both T20s and test. Bangladesh cricket has come a very long way. They still have a lot to prove to the world that they are one of the fine cricketing nations. However, if there is one thing that they do not need to prove anymore is their fighting spirit.

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