Cricket Betting Tips

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The scope of the cricket betting sector is enormous, with an astounding over $200 million wagered during a single One Day International (ODI) match. Unsurprisingly, the worldwide cricket betting market reached a valuation of $85.047 billion in 2019. And this figure is only growing with time.

The fanfare of cricket, particularly in South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, is not unknown. Cricket lovers rigorously indulge in betting on international and domestic leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Several gamblers line up on betting sites like Babu88 for cricket betting.

So, it won’t surprise us if you, too, like cricket betting. However, we would like to know if you know expert cricket betting tips that can make a lot of difference to your betting outcome.

Is Cricket Betting Legal?

Before we tell you the secret success tips for cricket betting, let’s decode the legality of this practice. Well, the legality of cricket betting depends on the jurisdiction you are currently in. Cricket betting is legal and regulated in some states or countries, while it might be restricted or even illegal in others.

For example, countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and certain states in the United Statesallow you to bet on cricket matches. They even have regulatory bodies to oversee gambling activities so punters bet with complete fairness and transparency; and gamble responsibly.

But betting or gambling is banned in countries like the UAE, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, and many more. Even in Bangladesh, there are no clear rules on online betting. But Bangladeshi bettors can still bet on cricket with an online sportsbook.

But make sure you only bet on registered, verified, and licensed sites. Once you’re confident that cricket betting is your thing and want to move ahead, follow the tips we will share with you next. 

Top 10 Cricket Betting Tips

Those who consider cricket a mere sport need to know that it’s a passion that unites millions of fans worldwide. The thrill that this game is irresistible for people who watch cricket and those who bet on it. While watching this game involves no skill, cricket betting demands a certain level of understanding.

If you’re considering entering the world of cricket betting, here are 10 valuable tips to help you make informed decisions and increase your odds of success.

#1- Know the Game Format Well

Betting on cricket without knowing what the game is all about is like putting your feet on an axe. You must understand how cricket is played, the rules, how a team wins, etc.

It will help you develop a structured approach to your betting strategy. Based on your observed patterns, you can set specific criteria for when to place bets, which to avoid, and how much to wager.

#2 – Conduct Extensive Pre-Game Research

Conduct detailed pre-game research to make huge wins with cricket betting. You need to track the teams’ performance, gather the pitch data, ascertain the winning possibilities, and similar information.

All these things play a crucial role in the outcome of a match. So, research about them before a game and then place the bet.

#3- Pay Attention to the Current Trends and Team Ranking

Numbers always tell the truth, and you must know the statistics to make a winning bet. Check the team ranking and past win records of the teams involved in the match.

In addition, you need to check the team’s win-loss ratio. It helps you understand how many times a team wins whenever it’s on the pitch.

#4- Make a Bet Based on Facts; Not Emotions

This tip applies when you’re betting on a match where your own country or a favourite team is playing. It’s obvious to become emotional when you see your favourites playing on the field, and you’ll certainly want them to win.

But this is different from how things happen in the cricket betting world. You need to think practically and pay attention to the data and analysis. Make sure your emotions are not overpowering your thinking ability. Make a bet on the team with a high winning probability, even if it’s not your preferred team.

#5- Check the Weather Report

Don’t think we are insane when we ask you to study the weather report on D-day. Weather can play a masterstroke in a game of cricket. So, it’s wise to gauge the climatic conditions and place your bets accordingly.

Now you must be wondering how the weather affects cricket betting. Clear skies with no wind flow favour the batsmen, and the team with a great batting line will likely score high. In contrast, bowlers will dominate a match played in a place with humid conditions.

#6- Perform Extensive Odds Comparison

Gathering all the information we mentioned above is only half of the job. The real job is to compare the betting odds of different sportsbook providers. You must collect the betting trends from other sportsbooks and determine which among them offers the highest winning odds on a specific betting market.

#7- Start with in-play bets

In-play bets are thrilling as they let you adjust and modify them as the game proceeds. However, be cautious and make sure you have a good understanding of the game’s dynamics before placing in-play bets.

#8- Slow and Steady Wins the Game

If you want to stay ahead in the cricket betting world, this has to be your mantra. There is no point in making huge wins or losses one fine day and then vanishing. Making small bets and having small wins is pragmatic rather than going for one big bet. Don’t be drawn to the possibility of big wins, as these come with huge risks. 

#9- Set a Limit

If you don’t want to go broke, set a betting limit and adhere to it no matter what. Cricket betting is addictive and can cost you your entire fortune. You have to put your boundaries whenever you engage in any sort of betting.

#10- Always Bet on a Licensed Sportsbook

This one is a no-brainer. You should bet at a trusted platform where your information is safe, the risk of fraud is less, and the payouts are transferred quickly.

Are you Ready for Cricket Betting?

Cricket is super fun; with cricket betting- you can make money while enjoying this exciting game. However, it should be done responsibly. With our expert cricket betting tips, you can enjoy the sport while maintaining a disciplined approach and minimising risks.

And yes, do not forget to avail the bonuses offered by sports betting sites like Babu88, as you won’t mind the extra money. As for real money, always wager what you can afford to lose and know your limits.

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